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Achieve your Real Estate Goals with Help from Titan

Titan offers a quality of work and attention to detail beyond the traditional industry standards. We are real estate professionals devoted to providing full-service real estate assistance to the Greater Austin, Central Texas, and Denver regions. Client satisfaction is our #1 priority in every transaction.

Full-Service Real Estate

We serve clients by providing industry-leading commercial and residential appraisals, investment brokerage, property management, and project management. Titan does this in a fast, efficient method by leveraging technology to gain valuable insights, as well as save time and money.

Market Experts

The Titan team is comprised of professional, experienced real estate experts. The dedicated staff keeps their thumb on the pulse of the industry by staying knowledgeable of industry trends. They do this through their network, trusted industry news sources, and their years of experience.

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Our Mission

Titan is committed to providing the best advice and experience for clients in every aspect of real estate. We achieve this aim by crafting a work environment that attracts the best people, fostering deep-rooted relationships within our communities, and sustaining established partnerships with the best-in-class service providers. Our clients continue to come back to us because they receive not only top-quality results, but they genuinely enjoy working with us.

Building a better community

Any real estate project will have an impact on the surrounding real estate community for many years to come. Don’t waste time and resources on a hiring a real estate company that doesn’t have the client’s best interests and the interests of the market to serve at heart. Titan helps clients bring their real estate projects to life.

We have handled transactions involving spaces for restaurants, office buildings, multi-family developments, mixed-use projects, eminent domain, and many more. We are committed to helping clients grow their real estate investment portfolio, and we are here to support our clients throughout the process.