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Titan is proud to be a MBE, DBE, and HUB company.

Fast and Accurate Property and Land Valuations

Titan provides valuations for government organization’s assets in a time-sensitive manner. We know that meeting your agency’s timelines is essential. For this reason, we make use of technology and the expertise of our team to ensure quickly completed appraisal reports.

Accurate appraisals for city works are critical to the success of the organization. When an organization needs to assess its assets, the accuracy of this analysis can have significant implications on the final scope of the project.

Precise Landowner Compensations

For right-of-way valuation, consulting and litigation support, Titan provides government clients with accurate reports and full-service support. This includes compensation for landowners and residential or commercial property appraisals for municipalities looking to purchase. Titan offers the most up-to-date and appropriate methods for all appraisals.

Local, State, and Federal Property Appraisals

Titan has been conducting appraisals for government agencies since 2015. Beginning with local and state agencies, we have extended our capacity to include work at the federal level as well. We are proud to serve government organizations and help these organizations efficiently execute their projects.