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Titan is a premier, full-service real estate company operating in the Greater Austin area and Colorado.

We have handled over $8 billion in total valuations, ranging from single-family residential properties to commercial for banks and credit unions. We have consistently excelled at being time-sensitive, relatable, and understanding. Our services have grown to include appraisal work on large government contracts, as well. Although we serve many large institutions, we uphold our local pride.

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Our Mission

We are passionately committed to seeking client satisfaction. We utilize three core components to ensure we achieve it: an environment of the best professionals, a strong and deep-rooted network, and partnerships with the top service providers.


The real estate professionals at Titan strive to deliver results that go beyond client expectations. Every one of our professionals knows that accurate, timely, and friendly valuations are important to our clients. Our client-centric method sets us apart from the competition by providing solutions that are efficient and unique to each client and every situation. Our clients love that we give time and energy to each detail of their needs. Unlike some of our competitors, we act in the best interests of our clients and seek to develop long-term relationships.

Titan aims to serve people over the process.

Comprehensive Real Estate Solutions

Unparalleled expertise in multiple real estate-oriented disciplines, including real estate appraisal, brokerage, project management, and property management, provides our clients with comprehensive service. To provide the best service to our clients, we are data driven. We procure solid data using reliable analytics tools; rather than outdated, anecdotal approaches. This helps to speed up the workflow processes and cuts down on human error and communication time.

Titan partners with local small businesses that provide detail-oriented services when they meet the high standards of quality our expert team expects. Titan prides itself on the ability to foster growth in the communities we serve by focusing on these local partnerships.

Team-Based Method

At Titan, we have a hard-earned reputation as being perfectionists with extensive market knowledge. We put that reputation to work with our team-based approach to client solutions. We have built up our team over the years with experts from far-reaching domains. Ultimately, this has resulted in a well-rounded group of real estate professionals. We believe in bringing the talent and experience of our team into every transaction to offer the best services attainable. This team-based method is what makes it possible to achieve consistently successful outcomes with our real estate transactions.