No Two Properties are the Same

The Titan Property Management team understands that all our clients’ assets and goals are different and therefore should be treated individually. Boilerplate “one-size-fits-all” management solutions that our large competitors provide don’t produce successful results. We tailor our property management strategy to the client’s, and property’s, unique requirements. 

We focus our efforts on providing long-term solutions. Consistent and reliable property management helps build long-term value in a property. Clients that trust Titan to manage their properties realize the best returns on their investments.

Better management ultimately adds value to your real estate asset.

Better Tenant Management

We believe proper tenant management starts with excellent communication. At Titan, we know that issues can escalate quickly. Titan Property Management communicates with tenants and landlords promptly to resolve issues as quickly as possible. Ultimately, this adds to the tenant experience and reduces turnover, increasing the benefit to our clients.

One of the core pillars of our property management strategy is properly screening tenants. Occupying a property with appropriate, responsible tenants is key to a successful investment and long-term, positive results.

Our clients are incredibly grateful that Titan Property Management offers 24/7 emergency service to tenants. No one likes to live in uncertainty. This service helps tenant issues get addressed and solved sooner, keeping tenants content and committing for longer terms.

Long-Term Real Estate Partnership

The services that the Titan Property Management team offers work best when structured in a long-term partnership setting. Therefore, we do not provide temporary property rental management. 

At Titan, we are not only property managers, but real estate partners that help clients grow their investment portfolio. Titan also offers appraisals and brokerage . Enhanced by market expertise, we help clients to grow their real estate investment portfolio and realize the best returns possible.

In addition to growing a portfolio through new purchases, Titan can manage all the assets as well. Altogether, this brings our clients’ real estate portfolio management under one roof. 

Titan Manages:

  • Retail Centers
  • Office Buildings
  • Office Parks
  • Industrial Business Parks
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I had been stuck behind an underperforming apartment complex for years. Being out of state, I was at the mercy of whatever property manager was soliciting my business. Things got so bad that I fell behind on my mortgage payments and I was facing foreclosure.

The guys at Titan were not only able to dramatically boost the performance of my apartment complex but because of their experience and connections, they were able to stop the foreclosure process and negotiate a loan modification with my lender.

Without them, I would have lost all the equity in my property and ruined my credit.

  • A Very Happy Out-Of-State Landlord