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Bringing Valuable Customer Service to Residential Appraisals

Responding to the Demands of the Lending Industry

As a Loan Originator (LO), your results depend on accurate, timely appraisals. At Titan, we work as an efficient organization rather than a standard sole proprietor. When performing appraisals, we bring together the unique expertise from our different team members to create a thorough report. This model enables us to provide greater insights and faster results for residential appraisals.

Responsiveness that High-Performing LO’s Need

Feel confident and informed throughout the appraisal process through our quick responsiveness and open communication. We prioritize communication both within our organization and with clients to ensure quality and optimize our turnaround times.

Anticipating Real Estate Regulatory Changes

As the residential real estate market changes more rapidly, mortgage lenders are demanding higher quality appraisals to keep up with these shifts. The high quality of Titan’s reports meets and exceeds those industry demands. The level of analysis and explanation in our reports is unmatched.We leverage a team operating model, latest tech, and our involvement within the industry to work faster, smarter, and stay ahead of constantly changing markets and regulations. Although regulations and rules are constantly changing, we adapt quickly.

Property Appraisal Review

Need a second opinion on an appraisal? Titan’s dedicated appraisal reviewers thoroughly review the accuracy and completeness of data presented in the appraisal. All appraisals are reviewed for compliance with Uniform Standard of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), industry guidelines as well as any client specific assignment conditions. Our reviewers develop a sound opinion of the appropriateness of the appraisal methods and techniques used by the original appraiser so that our clients can better understand the reliability of the original assignment results.

Estate Planning

We help financial planners, CPA’s, and attorneys determine an accurate scope of work for their clients’ needs and seamlessly fulfill large scale assignments. Titan offers appraisal products for estate planning, date of death, tax planning, divorce, and civil disputes. During estate planning, an accurate appraisal can have major impacts on the value of the total estate. Trust the industry experts at Titan to conduct the appraisal needed.