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Ordering an appraisal shouldn’t be so hard. We make it easy.

Fast and Accurate Appraisals

The integrity of an appraisal is the foundation of a real estate transaction. Accurate information is essential so that clients can make informed decisions. Many appraisal companies use outdated methods and boilerplate assumptions to inform their appraisals. These result in inadequate and inaccurate valuations, in turn, costing clients time. Lenders that use Titan close more deals.

Personal Touch

At Titan, our customer service is so friendly and reliable that clients feel like they are our only client. We value each and every transaction, no matter how big or small. That’s why we use a client-centric approach to all aspects of our business. Our clients know that we put their needs first and trust us to make the best decisions on their behalf. Because every situation is different, we commit to understanding each client’s unique needs. Then we craft a solution tailored directly to them. Toss boilerplate information and outdated market statistics to the wayside.


Titan Appraisal tracks the most advanced and up-to-date information, which allows us to provide clients with the best available market data, analysis, and reporting accessible today. We are early adopters of leading-edge technology and resources. Leveraging the most advanced tools helps us and our clients stay ahead of the game. Whether clients need an appraisal for a commercial property, multi-family project, or single-family residential property, Titan is here to get the fastest, most accurate appraisal.

Clients use Titan Appraisals for:

  • Probate and Estate Planning
  • Buying, selling, refinancing residential properties
  • Builders use Titan to assess the future value of proposed projects
  • Bulk assignments, including multi-property
  • Government use, including compensation of land, value of assets, and buying property