Hybrid Work: How Companies Are Pivoting for Office Recovery 

Occupancy fell by 2 million square feet as of November 2021, compared to the third quarter in 2021, bringing a total loss of office occupancy to 133 million square feet, according to the National Association of Realtors. However, the quiet stagnant mornings in an empty office are a thing of the past.   According to this […]

Why You Should Leverage Your Commercial Buildings with Local Communities 

In 2021, Taylor Independent School District and Samsung collaborated to get the tech titan to build its new $17 billion plant in the area. By putting money into the community and local school district, Samsung can save more money on taxes.   To address any concerns about a large-scale commercial business impeding residential communities, Samsung focused […]

What Does It Mean to Move to Green Buildings?

Everyone these days is trying to find a better, more sustainable way to live. In the construction industry, timber has risen in popularity as a green resource. Could it also be a cheaper option overall?   “People don’t realize that the overall cost of the project can drop if you use the right materials,” says Parag […]

Commercial Real Estate – What to Expect in 2022

The commercial real estate industry took a hit in 2020, and while 2021 offered some improvement, it was not enough to lift many companies out of the red zone. Deliotte Insights conducted a report on commercial real estate outlook in 2022. These were their key findings.    See Our Guide: Essential Commercial Real Estate Terms You […]

Essential Commercial Real Estate Terms You Need to Know

Commercial real estate, like every industry, has its jargon. It even differs from residential real estate terminology. So, whether you’re first dipping your toes into the world of commercial real estate or you’re a seasoned investor, there are some essential commercial real estate terms you should know to be successful. We’ve curated and broken down […]