Office Leasing Broker Austin

Temporary Leasing far more Affordable than Buying

If your offices are undergoing renovations, office leasing brokers Austin can save you money. Leasing an office is a great way to tide you over an unsettling time in your business. If you were planning to purchase an office, you could expect to make a down payment of anything up to 25% of the purchase price. When you lease commercial space, you’ll never be required to put down so much. Anything where large sums of money are involved requires reputability.

You want to rely on the services of a full-service real estate company who can offer you services which go beyond your expectations. They’ll need to be 100% clued up on project leasing, property management, real estate appraisal and  investment brokerage. The best office leasing brokers are renowned for their trustworthy and reliable reputation with achieving successful results for their clients.

Services too Numerous to Mention

Titan Real Estate establishes solid partnerships with tenants, landlords and investors who rely on their extensive expertise. Their mission is to provide solutions to your real estate needs. As a full-service real estate firm, you can bet their team of knowledgeable professionals know Texas and its various communities like the back of their hands.

Selling, buying or leasing, Titan have transacted major leases and subleases across central Texas. They take care of of everything, from the marketing of commercial space to consulting and advisory services to project management through to the final signature required from another satisfied customer and the acquisition of their ideal property.